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TACTILE BOOKS In 2011 I won "Tocca a Te!", the first italian contest for tactile books specifically designed for blind children. My book "Scopriamo le forme con il ditino?" got the first prize as absolute best book and the special prize as a best didactic book. After this incredible experience I decided to start a divulgation/education activity to creativity and multisensory through experimentation and manipulation of materials, planning and conducting workshops focusing how to design tactile books for children and adults. SCOPRIAMO LE FORME CON IL DITINO? (Do we discover the shapes with little finger?) 
A tactile book to recognize basic geometric shapes. Rhythm lyrics, with characters suitable for low vision, and Braille text. Each episode begins with the discovery of the form using the fingers following the text, and then the contextualized shape is presented in everyday objects.
LA COSA PIU' IMPORTANTE (The most important thing)
A tactile book about friendship and diversity, to understand that each of us has special talents that make us unique. Each character is depicted looking for the ultimate graphic / material synthesis. With characters suitable for low vision, and Braille text.
DAI, AIUTIAMO PALLINO! (Let's help Pallino!)
A tactile book to learn the first simple concepts of space and dimension. Following the instructions, the child must find Palllino, the protagonist, and place it where indicated. With characters suitable for low vision, and Braille text. © 2017 Barbara Mazzoleni (birbaluna). All rights reserved. No part of the material on this website may be reproduced or used in any form or by any means, electronic, phisical or mechanical, without permission in writing. P. IVA IT01899270167